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Science Lab

Laboratory experiences may help students learn to address the challenges inherent in directly observing and manipulating the material world, including troubleshooting equipment used to make observations, understanding measurement error, and interpreting and aggregating the resulting data. Developing practical skills.

Computer Lab

A computer lab is a setup or space where an entire class full can be taught important concepts like how to use computers, or how to do coding, etc. The students are usually trained by a trained computer teacher. Teachers can also use the lab with their students to conduct research or create technology-based projects.


Providing a comfortable learning space is part of the importance of a school library for students. It gives a student and tutor an opportunity for one-on-one interaction and open conversation. Additionally, it allows for study groups to find a place to meet up and study complex material.

Extra Activities

Extracurricular activities help children to develop their social skills and learn how to work in a team to achieve a shared goal. These activities allow your child the opportunity to explore different areas of interest, increase self-confidence, build leadership skills and even improve grades — all while having fun!